John Souza, PGA                                                                   
     Director of Instruction                                                                 
     TPI Certified Level II - Titleist Performance Institute                                                
     Certified Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine
      Corrective Exercise Specialist - National Academy of Sports Medicine
Todd Manderson, PGA     
Director of Golf                    

Traditional Golf Lesson Packages

(Available with John Souza or Todd Manderson)

Adult / Junior

10 Golf Lessons

The lesson package for the committed beginner or the advanced player looking to reach the next level.

(TPI physical screen included if lessons are with John)

750 / 500

(Adult / Junior)

2 Players - 1,400 / 910

4 Golf Lessons

The beginner's introduction to the main areas of the game of golf or the advanced player's seasonal check-up.

(TPI physical screen included if lessons are with John)

320 / 210

2 Players - 590 / 380


1 Golf Lesson

A good way to gauge the beginner's level of interest in golf or a start at correcting a small issue for an advanced player

85 / 55

2 Players - 150 / 100

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Golf Lessons are 45 minutes long

Online booking is available 7 days in advance