John Souza, PGA
     Director of Instruction, BSCC
     Callaway Staff  Member
     Trackman Level I & Level II  Certified
     TPI Level II  Certified
     Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist
 - National Academy of Sports Medicine
      * 2017 NENY PGA Teacher of the Year
*2016 NENY PGA Player Development Award


I've worked with John on and off many times over the years. After a quick analysis he can bring my swing back to a respectable level. John has the ability to improve one’s physical and mental game. I like John as a person and as well as an instructor and think he would improve anyone’s game no matter their level of play. I look forward to working with John in the future.

Rob C


John is ideal for children. He's extremely poised and patient and knows how to subtly motivate them.

Tommy Favata


BEST GOLF LESSON I'VE EVER HAD! Absolutely could not hit my mid-irons and in 20 minutes John had me hitting my 5-iron long and straight, one after the other! And, I was able to see my before-and-after swings on his video recorder - quite a difference!

Mike McGarry


We are all capable of playing a good round of golf from time to time. What I learned from John through a combination of swing mechanics, course management and strategy... is to play good golf most of the time. Since working with John I went from playing occasionally to an 8.0 GHIN to playing consistently to a 5.0 GHIN. 
I highly recommend John!

George H


I started working with John a few years ago when a friend and I really began getting serious about golf. I found that he was able to help me focus on key elements and cues which I could use on the course. His lessons are relaxed and directed by the player. I continue to work with John on tune ups and when I am frustrated with a particular club, a particular shot, or need some TLC to support my execution and confidence. He has applied a common sense approach to course management which fits my ability. John recognizes that I want to enjoy my time on the course and has given me the knowledge to apply his teaching in my skill execution. Thanks, John. I'll be back!!!

Sandy Morley

I took two lessons with John. We worked on alignment and shoulder position. He also cured my slice within 15 minutes! John has a great attitude and was very patient. I would without hesitation recommend anyone to John who is looking for a quick fix in their swing. I look forward to working with John in the future. Thanks!

David Smart


I have taken lessons from John for the past two seasons and my game has shown dramatic improvement. John worked with my grip and swing path and I began having much better control over the direction of my shots. This in turn gave me a lot of confidence when I was standing over the ball and this has resulted in lower scores. I would recommend lessons with John to anyone who is looking to improve their game!

Lenny Blond


I started taking lessons from John two summers ago. Since I was a newbie I was pretty intimidated to be out on the course. Not only are John’s lessons very valuable (I dropped 15 strokes after my first few lessons) but John’s personality makes the lessons a very fun relaxing experience while giving you the instruction tailored to you to fix your game. Highly recommended!

Craig Woodrow


I have found taking lessons from John to be very helpful. He has been able to look and identify very specific issues with my swing. By being able to do this, he was able to suggest changes that helped me. These lessons have made a big difference in my game. 

Others have noticed. I was playing recently, hitting some nice shots when one of my playing partners asked, "Are you taking lessons?". I've been playing better. 

John is a good teacher and I can recommend John to others looking to improve their game.

Mike Johnson


My son Tom has been taking lessons with John for almost a year now and he has been great. Tom has improved tremendously. John makes the lessons fun for him and very simple. I have also taken a few lessons myself and have since played some of the best Golf I have ever played. Thanks John!

Brien Ragone


John doesn't overburden you with a lot of golf theory and analytics. He takes your existing set up and swing path and refines and improves upon it with a "common sense" approach, which can lead to a 2 to 3 shot improvement after your first lesson. He monitors your practice routine so that you don't slip into bad habits, and he offers insightful analogies, that stay with you from the practice tee to the course. He realizes that the game is meant to be fun, and breaks down any barriers that will inhibit your progress. He's not only a good professional, but a practiced teacher who knows how to communicate, and makes the learning experience enjoyable, with a smile!

Archie Coupe


John makes the instruction fun plain and simple! He has helped our entire family improve their game even when I believed my game was un-repairable. We would encourage everyone to give John a try!

Joe & Beth Popp


John is an excellent teacher who takes the time to know the person and his or her swing... He has helped my game a great deal and I look forward to working him through the winter and into next year...He breaks the swing down in simple terms so it is easy to take what you learn and apply it... I highly recommend John to those looking to improve!!!

Paul Corradi


John has taken the time to learn my swing. With so many swing thoughts out there, John has me focused on those that address my weaknesses. Over a two year period, my game has improved a great deal. I went from a consistent high 90's player (and some over the century mark) to a low 90's player and a few rounds in the 80's this season. I should note that I play less than once a week (and I count all my strokes). Come with an idea of what you want to work on. I look forward to some indoor winter instruction

Kyle McCormack


My love of golf was born from the patient instruction of John Souza. An educator myself, I know good teaching, and John is an excellent instructor. He is able to break down each instruction into short easy to understand and apply strategies for even the most novice of golfers. John's my go to guy. When my game falls apart, John's the guy to get it back on track. His short, simple phrases run through my head every time I'm on the golf course. Now, my husband, my two daughters and a number of friends have had the experience of John's expertise. His passion for the game is definitely catching. Thanks, John, for helping me love the game of golf. Thanks for never making me feel that I'm terrible or that I can't improve, and thanks for all the laughs we've had during our lessons. You've given me something that will last a lifetime – golf!

Deborah Marcil


After an 8 year break, I went to John for help. Inside of 10 minutes, he had me feeling better about my swing, and hitting straighter shots. He didn't try to change everything, but rather shared all the basics from setup to follow through. I found John to be very personable and very patient. Signed up for additional lessons and plan to do so again next season. Since my lessons, my game has improved, but the main thing is having John's voice in my head when things go south. I have referred a few others to John, and they too have been pleased with their experience.

Jim S.


I'm 67 yrs old and have been playing golf on and off since I've been 9 yrs old. John has helped me with my game for the last 6 yrs. John's teaching approach is very methodical and simplified. It's geared toward immediate results without having to change your basic swing. He also simplifies the chipping stroke and can show you how to improve your scores by teaching you how to approach any given hole to give yourself the best chance of making par within your own individual skill and ability level.

Tom A.


John is an excellent instructor, his patience and expertise have helped me to learn and implement a much better, more consistent swing. I recommend him to any one from a novice to expert level who would like to improve their game.

Walt J


John is such a patient instructor for someone like me who is an intermediate player looking to improve my swing. The golf lessons I've taken with John have always been fun, relaxing, and enjoyable. He fine-tuned on some of my weaknesses. Made quite a difference in my swing now!!! Coming back soon! Thanks John!

Nancy Skowronek


John has improved every part of my golf game from the physical aspects of the swing to the psychological pathways and barriers to a better, more enjoyable game at my level. Regardless of your level of play, I would highly recommend John to help you be the player you want to be!

Phil C.


My golf lessons are challenging, beneficial, and always enjoyable. We often think we can take an easy path to improvement by buying a new club or a different golf ball. Invest in some lessons and practice what John teaches. That is a guaranteed way to improve your game and lower your score. 

Two years ago, I began taking lessons from John. After many years away from golf, I wanted to start playing again but without the old troubles and that darn slice. I call John my guru of golf. John is not just a skilled professional golfer; he is a patient teacher who takes the time to analyze not only the physicality of your game, but also your mental attitude. He helps you discover ways to improve your game to a level of competence that works for you, without making you feel like you need to start from scratch. He knows how to help you make adjustments that can lead to big results. He can discuss the mechanics of the game at the most detailed level, or he can use every day, non-technical language to help you understand how to swing the golf club and how the correct movement should feel. And most importantly, he helps you manage the mental part of the game and your expectations. For example, he knows that we berate ourselves when we hit a bad shot. He suggested I treat myself the way I would my son if I were golfing with him and he made a bad shot. "Would you tell him he was an idiot," John asked? "Of course not. You would be encouraging and sympathetic. Why not treat yourself with that same respect and forgive yourself when you make a bad shot?" It was one of the best lessons John taught me. 

With John's help, I have continuously improved. He makes me believe in the possibilities. He helped me conquer the slice! John will talk to you, but also listen. He will observe you, but also demonstrate. He will praise your improvements, but will tell you when it's not good. He will show you the proper techniques, but he will demand that you practice. He will work with you on the range, but will also take you out on the course to play. His passion for the game is contagious. He will help you lower your score, and he will increase your love of the game of golf.

Debra B.