John Souza, PGA                                                                   
     Director of Instruction                                                                 
     TPI Certified Level II - Titleist Performance Institute                                                
     Certified Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine
      Corrective Exercise Specialist - National Academy of Sports Medicine
Todd Manderson, PGA     
Director of Golf                    

Video Analysis

     Video analysis is a must when you are working on your golf game and does a terrific job of bridging the gap between what you FEEL and what is REAL. During all Lesson & Training Session options, I use video to clarify what is lacking, and also show what is getting better by comparing with older videos of you! It's a great tool that we will use regularly.  

     Video is also crucial when identifying the Body / Swing Connections, as we determine what areas of the body are holding back your improvement. This is what TPI is all about!

     Make the body CAPABLE of change before we expect change!