John Souza, PGA                                                                   
     Director of Instruction                                                                 
     TPI Certified - Titleist Performance Institute                                                
     Certified Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine
Todd Manderson, PGA     
Director of Golf                    

Welcome to John Souza and the NEW Golf & Fitness Academy @Ballston Spa Country Club!

Yoga Classes Beginning!

With Bridget Miner!

So happy to have her join the Academy!

3/4/17 - Joyce Bassett's Article

As a PGA Professional, I want to grow the game of golf and help you have more fun by improving your weaknesses.

As a TPI Certified Golf Professional, I will identify any muscle imbalances directly related to your golf swing. These imbalances can prevent your improvment, and can lead to injury.

(Interesting right? Watch this!)

As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, I can go the extra mile to ensure that we correct muscle imbalances effectively, make golf swing improvement possible, and keep you injury free to be able to play better, longer.

Efficient Body  Proficient Golf

I am proud to announce the new Golf & Fitness Academy located at Ballston Spa Country Club! We have a 500 square foot building going up behind the driving range that will house a hitting bay and a golf specific fitness center! We can work on every area of your golf game, as well as making sure your body is working efficiently to produce your most proficient golf swing and on-course results.

We will use video analysis and launch monitor technology to help identify, correct, and understand what happens when you swing the club and how to make the appropriate adjustments.

I am excited to get started and look forward to seeing you!

As a PGA Professional, I can help you with every aspect of your golf game. However, a player cannot make a change if their body is not capable of the new move.

As TPI Certified Professional, I can identify your physical limitations & muscle imbalances as they relate directly to your golf swing.

As an NASM Certfied Personal Trainer, I can correct your limitations & imbalances and make improvement much more efficient.